Woolwich Evangelical Church

An independent local church reaching out to Woolwich with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Woolwich Evangelical Church


Woolwich Evangelical Church is where the truth is preached.

God has given the human race His Word the Bible and this special book contains the meaning of life. It tells us where we have come from and where we are going to. It also tells us why.

If you are looking to make sense of your existence, if you want a personal relationship with your Creator, come and meet with us at Woolwich Evangelical Church. We won't give you our own opinions, we won't be vague and mystical, we will simply try and explain to you what God has told us all in His Holy Scriptures.

What to Expect

Perhaps you have never been to church before or in any case, not for a long time. We understand it can be a bit frightening to go into a place where you don't know anyone. There is no need to be embarrassed, nothing strange will happen.

At Woolwich Evangelical Church we have simple services which last about one hour. We sing deep and meaningful hymns, accompanied only by a piano to keep us in tune. The preacher will read from the Bible and pray, and then he will speak for about 30 minutes, explaining a part of the Bible in a way that will help the hearers in their everyday lives.

The morning service will be on a subject that will help Christians to make progress and grow. The evening service is designed to help people understand the way of salvation.

You can listen to some of these messages here.